Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Fashion Picks

This is not about age and looking great.  It's merely about who I thought looked best last night.  Hair, makeup, accessories or lack of, shoes and gown.

So nice to see a fresh face.  And love the red and the cut of the dress.

This, to me, was the look of the night.  Stunning!

 Jennifer Hudson just does it so well.

 Meryl looks great without being over the top...

Nicole always looks smashing.  Who cares about the 'work', gown, makeup, shoes....flawless

  Lara, you look fabulous, and the body!!  Not an ounce on her.

 Another flawless look on Julianne..  Such a lady!

Love it all.  Especially her hair.  Everything is right here.

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