Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Winter Pieces

Sales sales and more sales!  Talbot's the place I love for shoes and bags winter sale ok, you might not love leopard prints like I do.  But for $11.99 for belts that I have seem similar on sale at Barney's and J. Crew and resale shops for a WHOLE lot more.  Try it, stick it in the closet and wear it once.  Then wear it again and just know that all the fancy-istas paid way too much.  I have this belt and I love the width of it.  Skinny belts begone.


Throw some color into your wardrobe.  The fact of the matter is you might have something in the same vein as this, but it's old and worn....time to donate.  Please, give it to a happy home.

Maybe these will be worn 1/2 dozen times.  So what!  They are new and fresh.

If you live in the North East, get into that closet this weekend.  Throw out, donate, whatever.  But now is the time to refresh and renew.  #not dead yet

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