Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Breakers Palm Beach

Wait!  Am I at Downton Abbey south?  This is one of the most fabulous structures ever..and you don't have to be Ms. Richy Rich to enjoy it.  I remember TB from the 80's when I was modeling in the Palm Beach area and completed some fashion shows there and Worth Ave. (if you are a visualist like me you will understand). The beauty is unimaginable, but I'll try to explain.  Sun, fun, food, spa, and shopping.  What more could a princess ask for?  Oh, and don't forget Worth Ave.  You don't have to buy, just enjoy!  These are small luxuries, ladies, it's now or never, so go for it!



  So if you request one spa service you can have access for one day to their Club, which includes gorgeous beach, 4 pools, spas, restaurants galore. And shopping.  I met a friend there.  She came from Melbourne 2 hours, I travelled from Fort Lauderdale, one solid hour.  As we were having our spa service I said, well, maybe next year, we can meet MORE in the middle.  Friend:  Um, no, we are coming here to meet.  See for yourselves!

 Having a discussion with another guest about just who built The Breakers...Lo and behold, Flagler built it.  Streets are named after him.

One last comment.  This is the way a hotel/restaurant/spa should be run.  There are many posers but only one Breakers.  Staff is fabulous.  Personable, many of them and always, but always smiling and ready to help.  The Breakers does it right.

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