Sunday, March 15, 2015

I have been logging on and off Ancestry for about one year now.  It seems each time I take a peek, I learn something new.  My mother's mother died when my mother, Peggy O'Neill was 16. Pretty sad.  That's what I always vaguely thought.  I knew it was when she was not grown, but thought it was 16.  She was 11.  My heart breaks for my mother, Peggy O'Neill who grew up in the Bronx without a mother.  She, an only child, of course, had her wonderful father, Daniel O'Neill, but he was a NYC police captain and no doubt had to go to work to support them.  It makes me look back at my mother with new eyes.  No she was not the warmest of mother's ...but!  somehow I see why...she had to make her way on her own at the tender age of 11!  That's a baby.  But she got through...typical Irish never complaining, never explaining.

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