Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Out Sick!

Sorry I have been so lazy the last few weeks, but I have been dealing with a neck/shoulder/arm issue and was totally out of it.....finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel now due to my fabulous chiropractors good work.  Everyone needs to have a few weapons in their back pockets for times like these.
  • Chiropractor that comes highly recommended
  • Acupunturist that comes highly recommended
  • and lastly if those don't work I hesitantly say a good Orthopedist who can give a steroid injection.
I am sorry I waited so long to see the Chiropractor, but when something like this happens, one just doesn't know where to turn.  So I say get a diagnosis sooner rather than later.  By the way, it has taken a few weeks for the Chiropractor to get this pain under control.

Whatever works for you is the best avenue.  

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