Thursday, March 19, 2015

The High Line - NYC

If you are travelling to NYC during cool (not freezing and not hot) weather, be sure and make a b-line for the High Line.  Go, have lunch or dinner, then walk it off in this beautiful park that rests atop an old elevated railroad track on the west side and starts on 14th Street and ends on 34th Street.  On a recent visit we went to Eataly, chowed down and then did a nice walk. 


If you do choose to dine at  Eataly at mealtime, get ready for madness and mayhem.  It was good, but overwhelming.  And when I am tired and hungry I get cranky.

 It was January 2nd, sunny, crisp and actually got hot, then cold from all that exercise.  Best of all, it's free!!!

Climb up the steps and enjoy the walk. 

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