Friday, April 3, 2015

Seen and Heard around the Web

In the 'who knew'? category......

  • People find it really annoying when you talk to them at the gym.  Especially if they are wearing ear buds.  Sometimes I speak to someone (on the train) and don't realize they are wearing them.  Bad, bad, bad

  • For me, any chattering on the train in the morning should be kept to a minimum or not at all.  We are all trying to wake up.  The worst is a cell phone caller keeping trainiacs hostage.  Please make it stop..

  • I love the beach! At times I wear short shorts to the beach rather than a bathing suit.  Perusing the web today I noticed short short JEAN shorts...No, no, no.

yes, yes, yes

  • Here is something kind of cool, if it is done in a subtle way.  More modern to not wear matching earrings...kind of cool, if you are an earring wearer, which I am not, but I could be.

  • Gray hair is very IN.  Even for the young 'uns...If you've got it, flaunt it.

  • Stop collecting.  Every other article I read on the web is about how Baby Boomers are collectors.  How their children don't want their collections.  Set the head straight and rethink this.  It's very very hard, trust me on this one.  Each time I take a trip I want some sort of memento.  Make it small.  Do not enter any antique shops.  That's where everyone parks the stuff they don't want anymore.  Now when I travel near or far, I buy a soap or something that will go away....who wants to babysit this stuff.

  • Those photo albums?  Edit and split them up and offer them to the kids.  You can't take them with.  And let's face it there is nothing uglier than the old fashioned albums with the photos covered with yellowed plastic. You know who you are.  Edit edit edit.

  • My own thought.  At this stage in life keep the sparkles to a minimum.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) we are not the star of the gathering.  We don't want people staring in a bad way.  Like what is she thinking with the tight jeans with sparkles on the back pockets.  Or a jean jacket with sparkles.  Just no.

  • Re:  Last season of Mad Men.  What ever happened to Peggy Olson's baby?  That was like a dangling chad.

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