Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bedding Comfort and more

Just read a great article on bedding in the WSJ.  Every time I go to spend a night somewhere other than my own home, mostly hotels or inns, I make a note of the sleeping conditions.  Finally, B&B's and high level hotels are taking note.  Maybe because the younger (millennia's) are demanding comfort.  For a time I was loving the high thread count sheet.  Then I noticed that they discolored after a time.  Not long enough to warrant the expense of the  high count.  I remember going to one of my friends home and snuggling into a little hole amidst her down pillows, double down comforters, and linens from Germany exactly 45 years old.  Asked her how she cared for them..hand wash and iron gently.  And not such high thread counts at all.

Anyway, to me a bed is a big deal especially in my own home.  I have tried to copy the Westin bed, and the other higher end beds that I have slept in to no avail.  But here are exact instructions.  You can get lots of this stuff at TJ's.  I just added European square down pillows and covers last year.  They are not cheap, but then again, they are not from Frette.

Last year, on our trip to France, I remember one of our inn's ironed their sheets and had luxurious (fresh) textiles in the bathroom.  The B&B certainly did not charge anywhere near $900+ per night.  Luxury.  I asked her about it, she said she was strict.  Also, she said she hung her sheets out to dry in the sun.  I don't know about the towels and hand towels but they are something I will never forget.  Just like a good meal...I don't forget!

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  1. I agree that a bed should be a big deal. Not only is it the most important thing in our bedroom, but it is how we get our most important form of rest. Sleep is our way of getting our energy back. We are recharging, so we should be provided with the condition that best benefit our well-being.

    Henry Schultz @ WhatIsEarthing