Friday, May 8, 2015

Mom's Recipes

Being Mother's Day week, I just read a great story about how children are clinging on to their Mom's handwritten recipes.  Personally, I really love food and love to cook.  My mother however, god rest her soul, didn't really feel the same way, so I never got any good recipes from her.

Through the years I have certainly had hits and misses., and I don't think anyone would say I was a GREAT cook....but it warms my soul when my sons absolutely forbid me NOT to forget have my special spicy sausage Thanksgiving stuffing.  Or my Squeak and Bubble during the holidays.  I cannot mess with these things in any way otherwise the holiday is ruined, gastronomically speaking.  When I bake my Christmas cookies and send them home with my son, they don't make it very far, because he has wolfed them down.

Anyway, I guess the point of this message is to write and share your recipes.  Everyone has at least a couple in their recipe box, right?

I love the art of cooking - it's lost on many, not all, of this generation I think unfortunately.

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