Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have to tell the internet something, and if I don't I will burst!  You've got to watch Grace and Frankie a new Netflix  series.  It's about two old ladies who both get divorced, and just have to watch.  It's laugh out loud funny and so true.

Sure they have had a dozen face lifts.  Sure they live in gorgeous surroundings.  Sure they do drugs and drink like fish. Sure they are not 70.  Jane Fonda is 77 and Lily Tomlin is 75.

Stay with it.  The first couple of episodes are a bit wooden but Grace and Frankie hit their stride by about episode 3.

TV gods, please let this be renewed for a second season!  These two are funny!!

PS  You can definitely see how make up can make Jane look old and haggard or very polished.  (later in season)

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