Sunday, May 24, 2015

The FitBit

Dadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, welcome to the new appliance worn on your wrist that tracks just about everything you do.  The FitBit!  I wanted to get a new watch and mentioned it to my glamorous co worker and she said you have to get this.  So of course, I did.  Copycat.

It costs about $130 and you can buy it online or places like Target.  It has a chip in it that will be synced to you phone (very important) and laptop.  So every day at the end of the day you can track your activity.  It even tracks your sleep if you wear it to bed.  I really never knew (well, yeah I did) that I had trouble sleeping.  Think that's an age thing.  But this little watch will tell you exactly how many hours you got in sleep, how many times you were restless and how many times you were awake.  Just read a review and the FitBit Charge seems to be the best one.  Mine.  Please be a copycat.

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