Sunday, June 21, 2015


Did you ever notice how hard women are on themselves regarding their bodies?  I have, for many years.  Once someone, ages ago, gave me a compliment, and I argued with her.  Really?  Please just say thank you and move on.  Lesson learned then and there.  Never again did I argue.

We all I think, have at least one or more areas that we just abhor.  With me it's my arms.  With others it's their feet??  Their hair.  Their wrinkles?  Their cellulite?  Their thighs?  Oh I could go on and on.  I have heard it ALL.  Usually when it starts I back down and keep quiet.  What is the purpose of arguing, just such a waste of time of both parts.  If you really feel that strongly cover it up.  Discussion closed.  Let's not take up valuable air time with the bs.

Anyway, my point is, ok, maybe you have thin hair, maybe you have problem (in your mind) feet...why bring it up?  There are much more positive things to chat about unless you are in a I hate myself mode and you have company, and please by my guest, by all means, let it out!!  But really as a day to day thing, let's not bring up our perceived failures in the beauty world.  Others have it SO MUCH WORSE.  Take a look around you.  I know you don't need photos right?

PS As we all age, and we all do, go with it...there is no other alternative.

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