Friday, June 12, 2015

Showers, Weddings and Funerals, II

I am co-hostessing a shower for my oldest (met in kindergarten) friends daughter tomorrow in Darien, Ct, and as I was having a very springlike hot pink manicure, I was reading Real Simple magazine.  They just happened to have a story about what to wear to this, that, and the other thing.  I planned on wearing the most beautiful white eyelet sheath with long sleeves tomorrow.  Alas, RS said no white to showers or wedding.  So off I went to get something colorful and springlike (to TJ's of course) and got this DVF dress ($91) that hits all the buttons except one.  The print camouflages bumpy parts and it ties around the waist to give so called waist, a definition. 
 It's long enough with cool flat sandals and as with all of Diane's dresses it's comfortable, just over the head and done with a bit of stretch and tie.  The only thing that I am not loving is the short sleeves.  But I had a conversation with myself.  Self, own it. Age 66.  Here I go!  Watch me!

PS I have always hated my arms even when they were firm, lithe and beautiful....something is very, very wrong..BUT! I try to pay it forward.  Younger women, show your arms, it's short lived. Listen to me!!!


  1. Thank you!!! This drives me crazy! When beautiful women refuse to show their arms or their legs or their neck or blah blah.. I watched my mother hate her body growing up. She was crazy! She probably weighed 110 lbs and was perfect! She never wore shorts and hated being sleeveless. Thankfully watching her be crazy has made me vow to do the opposite! I will go sleeveless until I just REALLY shouldn't any until I'm offending people :)
    You have amazing arms and legs for days you better be showing them off! :)

  2. I edit, I edit....thanks for the comment!!!