Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lip Color

By now most of us have experimented with lots of shades of lip color.  I am really not one to toss lipsticks out unless I am unhappy with the consistency.  If it doesn't stay on, why?  Anyway, for many of us, it fun to try a new color with a new mood.  If you really are not happy with a color (like brown or deep plum) mix it.  Apply one shade lightly, then another on top.  I love the texture of Mac, but also like Chanel and some of the drugstore brands such as Revlon's ColorStay.

Whenever I go into Mac I ask what their most popular color is.  Most of the time they say Twig.  It's a great throw on every day basic shade.

Finally, if you think you are out of lipstick, dig around on the bottom with a lip brush.  There is much more in that tube.  At this stage in life if there is one thing we can be wearing on our face, it would be lipstick.

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