Monday, July 27, 2015

Shoe Rehab

Usually around this time of year, I weed out shoes either that I:

A - have not worn in a year (unless they are dressy)

B - are too worn

C - out of style

For about one more month we have a chance to buy new shoes at a fraction of the original cost and still get to wear them for at least 2 more months (if you live in New England).  And again next year!

Talbots $34.99

Talbots $39.99

Talbots $49.99
Talbots $49.99
This is a sampling of what Talbots has on sale right now.  I happen to love Talbots for shoes, and when they have their semi-annual sales I usually stock up.  If you can wait, these prices are cut in half again a bit further into the season.

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