Saturday, October 3, 2015

She's An Original

I really never heard of Iris Apfel until about 4 years ago.  I know that she was an interior decorator in NYC who happens to have 'style'.  I know that she is old, in her 90's and going strong.  She will tell you in her movie Iris that she has never been pretty, but has had style and personality (and talent).  She will tell you that she never liked 'pretty'.  That 'pretty' fades and those who have had it often end up surprised and desolate.  During her long life, she and her husband travelled the world shopping for clients and collecting.  She is a creature of beautifully made clothes, fabrics and accessories.  Not the homogenization of women's wear of now.

 Check out the footwear.
 Iris is a combiner of big bold accessories from all over the world.  More is better is her mantra.  No, not from Neiman's but from Harlem street vendors, from Africa and India.  Those are finds.
Iris is a New York native.  Iris wears color.  Iris is old and she does not wear very much black.  Iris is down to earth.  Iris is a caring wife.  Iris does not appear to wear make up other than lipstick.  Iris is a treasure.
God love her.  She didn't give a damn about going to the party, talking to people at the party.  It was about dressing for the party.  Right??????  Everyone?
Check out the movie, it's on Netflix.

Remembering Carl Apfel: A Style Icon in His Own Right



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    1. she's great isn't she....? But I think those necklaces are really heavy. I don't think really, I know. :)