Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Face Moisturizers, Cleansers, and Wipes

I very much believe in 'drug store' brands for lots of  cosmetic use.  I still tend to buy the department store brands for color/makeup, but for the cleansers, etc. I lean towards the less expensive items.  Really we don't need to go to Saks for cotton balls.

Anyway, for years I have gone to a drug store that issues money back in one way or another for spending a certain amount.  The other day, I had time to kill, and as I was killing I noticed the facial wipes in Marshall's for $2.99.  That is 1/2 the price of drug store brands.  And they come in all sorts of delicious varieties.

Note to self, break the habit.  Change.  Open up.  Change is good, and certainly cheaper.

Here are two samples of the products, but there is a myriad of them.  Check it out!

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