Thursday, October 1, 2015

Picture Hanging

Artwork has always been a huge love of mine.  Doesn't really matter if it's Picasso or Shmicasso, just as long as I like it.  As in the shape of the piece, the colors and size.  At tag sales I pick up artwork a lot.  Anyway, I love hanging it and making a good story.  I learned way back when to always hang stuff at eye level.  My eye level is different than many people because I am 5'10".  But I'd rather hang a piece lower than too high.  Here is a good measure with youtube video accompanying.
Most people don't think it matters.  Trust me.  It matters.

How To Hang Your Artwork and Not Screw It Up

A note.  I have been married for almost 50 years (gulp, really??) and I don't think I own any of the stuff that I started out with.  Kind of cool.  I get sick of looking at the same thing, don't you?

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