Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tag Sales/Estate Sales Part Deux

Having just made a major move from one part of my state to a whole other part, my estate sale items always grab my heart.  But!  Here are a number of things that really probably should be bought new. although, of course there are always exceptions:

Plants - fresh and perky - Where I bought plants lately - Lowe's/Home Depot/Walmart

Rugs - they get used to death we all know (unless they are flat weave oriental, very preppy)  Where I bought sisal rugs lately - Marshall's

Bedding -(Bath towels too) again new only - unless it's a bed skirt  Best place to buy bedding TJX/Marshall's/Homegoods

But, folks are always selling the boring things at these sales...such as:

Garden tools/shovels
House tools
Garden pots - I've been looking myself
Books!!!  Never pay retail.
oh!  Wrapping paper...always available.  $1 per roll usually.

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