Monday, November 2, 2015

Flea Market Flip on HGTV

This is such a fun television show hosted by Lara Spencer, who is a wonderful designer/antiquer and in general a really fun person.

As the contestants walk thru the aisles of Flea Markets, I see the furniture of yesteryear.  The drop leaf tables, the uncomfortable chairs, the dreaded BROWN furniture.  It seems so dated to me.  Really folks, I don't ever think it's coming back although my mother in law gave it to me thinking it was pure gold.  It's antique! she would say.  I remember when we were moving to Fl in the 80's we sold our drop leaf table et al to a friend and they told us the table collapsed...face it.

Once in a while you can get something interesting.  I have been to Brimfield a few times and in my eyes all I see is junk and a lot of work.  If you're willing to bend, scrape and fight with reupholstering be my guest.  Sometimes for me, at age 67 and counting, it just so much easier to go to a tag sale and buy something cool and usable right now.

I had been redecorating my granddaughters room when I was in Darien, Ct. so I dragged my friends to a local tag sale, and look what I got!  A down filled divan just fit for a prima dona. That one special piece that makes a room.  No bending, no scraping, no reupholstering..just a little wipe down here and there.

So anyway, my point is yes Flea Markets are fun, but Tag sales?....oh my.  What you can get.
AND btw, that dressing table and mirror $4.00, mirror $10 and divan, $90.  Screen is from TJX still a good price, $59.99.

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