Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Buy Local for the Holidays - Local Jams and Wine

Last night I was watching our local news show Chronicle and saw one of my co workers working her second business, Plymouth Bay Winery.  I was struck by:

1 - how much energy she has to take on two jobs
2 -  the wines sounded delicious and since I went to France last year, and sipped only local wine, I thought it was time to start shopping local on this level.
3 - Plymouth Bay also produces jams with crazy fun names.  Fabulous for holiday gifts.
4 - The best part is you don't have to trek down or up to Plymouth, MA, you can order online...

The jellies have fun monikers such as Crangasm. Wicked Pissah, Cry Berry, Gin Gin Rebel,
PBW DryDock Scampi jelly, Bad Newz, Wicked Bad Newz, Pumpkin Chunkin and on and on.  Makes for a sweet holiday gift...and a good laugh.

Plymouth Bay Winery

We invite you to taste our collection of wines, produced from locally grown, native grapes and berries. Made in our Winery in Plymouth, MA.
Our wines are fun, versatile companions to a wide range of dishes at every meal. Play with Bay!

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