Monday, January 4, 2016

New York City for Baby Boomers

Every dang time I go to NYC, (not that often) I scream at myself when I return home.  Why of why, didn't I wear the most comfy shoes available.  I happened to have broken my foot 3 months ago.  You might think, well, she wore sneaks....well, no.  Note to self, next time I or we baby boomers want to walk 7 miles in one day:

  • Wear sneakers...saw them all over the place.
  • Winter?  Wear's a sea of down feathers there.
  • You might love to come back to the hotel to freshen up and take a shower....bring lots of undies.
  • Winter again!  Don't forget to load up on your body creams/face stuff ..all that stuff.  I always forget one thing and it makes an impact on me.  Then I have to rush home and do the cream thing fast.  I would be a terrible 'Survivor'.  How in god's name did they go without?
  • At the end of the day, don't overbook yourself.  I can't believe what I wrote down to do, and what we actually did...
  • If you go to the 911 Museum prepare yourself.  YOU have lived through this.  YOU were there, even if just on TV.  It's very well done, and very, very moving.   The moment I saw some of the trusses, I lost it.  It's a museum, move through it and absorb it..we don't need to read everything we already know, do we?

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