Friday, February 12, 2016

Lobster Shacks

In my head, I feel like I am a foodie.  Love good pure food, (my grandparents were organic farmers before the word was invented) and I love fair prices.  I also love ambiance.  Okay, okay, I know what you are saying to yourselves.  A parking lot is ambiance?  Well, in this case, yes it is.  On a glorious spring/summer/fall day Bob Lobster in Newbury, MA will be serving some of New England's freshest seafare.  Yes, you have to scope out seating, byob, and wait in line, but that's the fun of this place.  Please, don't think just because you are in New England, and a place serves lobster and clams that it is good.  Many of them are greasy, dirty and expensive.  This place hits just the right cord.  Bob Lobster.  Love it.  Oh and it is on the marsh, so there is scenery.

 Bob Lobster

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