Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscar Fashion

In the old days, women arrived at the Oscars a lot of the time, dressing themselves.  Now it seems like everyone has a stylist, hence, they all kind of look the same.  Anyway, here are my favorites of the evening, with Charlize Theron being on top of the heap.
Honestly, everyone gets a trophy, but these well, ya know, just gorgeous.

Charlize Theron
  Kerry Washington
Olivia Munn
 Rooney Mara
Margot Robbie
Naomi Watts

Here are not so great looks to me. 
Heidi Klum

Giuliana Rancic
 Amy Poehler

And, last but certainly not least, Kate Capshaw.....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Just an aside.  While all these women are clearly beautiful and in great shape, why is it that all they talk about is eating hamburgers and chocolate?  Issues.

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