Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Surroundings

Inveterate tag saler that I am, my husband and I are moving to a new place.  Which means, decoration.  Nothing makes me happier.  Decoration.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into our new place.

Couple of things I am reminded of:

Use greens they add life to your space and actually clean the air.

Don't be matchy matchy, as Mom used to say.  Truth be told for our tiny apartment I did by side tables and lamps that matched.  Actually I like the balance.  Now those matchy matchy things will find a new spot.

Use plenty of mirrors, they add light and space.  And glitter.

Artwork is a favorite of mine.  I try to look for huge pieces at tag sales.  They add depth and interest.  They really don't need to be hung.  Lean.  Here's a thought.  Wouldn't you rather have a large piece of artwork hanging than bookcases that you need to fill with stuff?  Yes I say.  I don't get bookcases.  Every time I have had them all they do is collect dust.  Wait!  Have I ever had them?  Anyway, they are dust collectors.  And chatzky collectors.

I do love pillows.  I change them up each season...such as fur for winter.  But only, and I mean only with quality inserts.  Nothing worse than flat pillows.  But, know when to dispose of old pillows.  They can't live forever.  If you tire of them on your furniture, stack them on the floor.

For the past 3 years we have been attending open houses.  The minute I see a silk flower I want to cry.  And of course, the plastic ones make me faint.  I love oriental rugs but only for a certain ascetic...many people oriental carpetize their whole place and think what...horrid. Just looking at it makes my head spin. In my opinion oriental is good for high traffic entry way/halls or extremely preppy private school type interiors.(think Ralph Lauren here)  And only very flat, no pile or thick matting under.  They wear very well and can be kept up nicely.  Even hosed down from time to time with a mild detergent.  Really, do you want to freak out anyone enters your home with shoes....on white or light entry way rugs.  No.

BTW - in all the years I have been living I have committed a number of these sins.  Plastic flowers, silk plants, flat pillows.  Live and learn what suits you.  Truly that's what a home is all about, yourself.

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