Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ReSale Shops

For years, I have been buying and selling at one of the first nationwide resale shops, 2nd Time Around.  I work downtown Boston, and there are 3 of them right on Newbury Street, so needless to say I've made a dent in them all, along with Wellesley, MA.  Every now and then, I pop in just to see what's new and exciting and thinking that I'd gather some things for sale, I wanted to make an appointment, so in I went today on my lunch hour.

While poking around I chatted with the salesperson.  She asked me if I had consigned there before, and I told her yes, I had.  She checked my account, which I thought was empty and came up with $70 owed to me.  Then she linked me into all my accounts, and lo and behold I have $125 lagging in all of them...Tomorrow I will bring in some things that I believe should be seen on a hanger to sell, and I will add to that amount.  It kind of makes me feel better about my ahem shopping habit.

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  1. Glad you've had success at STA, I'll have to use try them in the future!