Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Summer Tops

Summer is coming sooner rather than later, and the trend this summer is off shoulder shirts and dresses.  Some points to consider when shopping for this adorable trend.
Remember that:
  • We are not 21 anymore. 
  •  We need to wear bras.Some tops have straps, but most do not.
  • If you are thinking no strap, personally I would go with a black off the shoulder whatever and wear a black bra.  Straps will show.
Personally, I feel like I have locked myself into a certain look that never varies...white capris and a tailored shirt (or a tee) and cardigan.  I am trying to branch out.  And summer is a good time to experiment.  I know that the shirts I show below are not as easy as wearing a shirt and jeans, but try to wrap your head around the idea.  It could be fun!



  1. I LOVE off-the-shoulder, such a fun peek of skin.

  2. and let's face, it's the last to go, the shoulder.