Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Are there any stores, just by their nature or following, that you wouldn't set foot  in?  I have a few of those, but HandM isn't one of them.  It's right across the street from me.  Within the last few years, in addition to their men's and women's fast fashion, they have opened a (fast) Home Department.  I have found pillow covers for next to nothing.  Have you priced pillow covers anywhere?  Not cheap.  Here they are so inexpensive that you can afford to change them at least every season.  Check it out...love the animal ones.  Why?  I love animals.

Velvet $4.99



Note:  These prices are for just the pillow covers.  Come on, don't tell me you don't have down/down alternative inserts by now!
PPS  Nothing less than down will do.  Throw those old fashioned pillow inserts out and stick with down/down alternative


  1. LOVE these- especially the pineapple one I saw a few weeks ago there!

  2. i am addicted to their insanely cheap pillow covers...currently loving my gold pineapples mixed with pink velvet ones.
    And i totally agree..down all the way.
    ps. I miss you!!! :)

  3. I agree, use it up, throw it out...we (I) miss you too!!!