Monday, June 13, 2016

Moving for Baby Boomers

I am 67 and my husband is 70.  Recently, we took on the almost impossible task of moving.  This time from our one bedroom apartment (with garage to store things) to a larger space with  a few bedrooms and more room in general.  I am trying to be judicious with my decorating.

Due to our station in life (age), I am being tres stingy with any purchases.  I am trying to use things that I had as minimally as possible.  When we moved from our house, I sold off so much.  So much of it, truly I was sick and tired of.  Which feels very liberating.  To sell something to some young couple who are thrilled to have it!  On the other hand, I do need to fill in some blanks.  Anyway, it's quite a journey.  And all I can think of is, dear lord, what happens when we need to move again?  Hence, the simplicity.  Here is our mini deck, strung out in Homegoods chairs. Trying to do it all from TJMaxx/Homegoods/my own stuff, etc.

Hey Babyboomers,  Are you familiar with hooking up TV's?  It's a time consuming and technical situation, as in days.  I just cannot imagine having to farm this task out.  And all the rest of it.  Don't move unless you must.  It's no longer, feed the gang pizza and be done.  It's harrowing!

When the movers arrived, I was directing them here there and everywhere.  They asked, what goes to the basement?  Answer.  Nothing.  What goes upstairs?  Answer.  One bed.  There wasn't  that much stuff, and yet there was.  It's a riddle, what can I say.

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