Monday, June 13, 2016

Necklaces that Bling Need to Take Wing

Today I visited my favorite consignment shop with a bag full of bling.  Meaning, I am getting tired of my costume jewelry and need to change.  For me, the rhinestone necklaces seem a bit dated.  This weekend, I visited a very cool consignment shop that had lots of vintage jewelry.  By lots I mean trunkloads.  I mean rooms full.  Of course I found something I liked.  For the same price as the new paste jewelry on the market today, one can purchase an old piece that has some history and does not look like every Tom, Dick and Harriet on the street.  You can also pick these up at tag sales (although I have never had any luck) or consignment shops.  Flea Markets also, if you are so inclined.  I like this particular one because it is very well curated.  Minimal footwork needed.

And it's not that it ALL must go, but a portion must be sent on it's way.

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