Monday, July 11, 2016

Baby Boomer Facial Skin

We certainly as a group have an assortment of skin types.  But at this stage in life, things get a bit sticky for all of us.  Usually I use a serum and a face cream all year long.  Lately this regimen has been failing me.  My skin is sloughing and it is not a good look.  (all those layers)

The Clarisonic or a facial brush I believe can help with this issue.  Rather than buying a Clarasonic, I opted for a small face brush to be used in conjunction with a scrub.  Not crazy about the beaded scrubs because I read that they hurt the environment.  So a sugar or salt one will have to do.

Now the regimen will be scrub/light moisturizer (with sunscreen)/pat dry with linen towel throughout the summer.  I will save the layering for winter skin.

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