Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Estate Sales/Tag Sales Part Deux

Recently I moved to a new part of my state (feels like a different country) and of course, I need some things for the place that we purchased.  As much as I love estate sales, and adore placing my finely curated objects in the new house, some things just need to be bought new.  Such as:

Plants - I wanted them shiny and new.  Lately purchased at Lowe's/Walmart/Whole Foods/Home Depot/Grocery Store

Bedding - unless it's a bed skirt - Lately purchased at TJX/Marshall's/Homegoods.  Sorry Target you are just too expensive.

Rugs (unless they are Oriental flat weave, preppy!) need to be new...hey!  They take a beating.  Sisal rugs bought lately at Marshall's
Hall Runner from H&M $29.95 (BTW El Cheapo H&M has a fabulous Home Department)

Upholstered furniture.  Have you priced reupholstering old stuff lately?  New is cheaper.

A list of some boring things that you CAN buy@ Estate Sales...yeah, boring but very useful, and expensive if you buy retail.

Gardening Tools/Pots
House Tools
Books/Coffee Table Books
Assorted dishes/pots pans/kitchen items
Wrapping Paper - $1 roll
Stuff in general $.01 on the dollar- take it away!
Let's not talk about any electronics.  In my book, always new.  With warranty.

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