Monday, August 8, 2016

Peter Beaton

With my advancing age, (god I hate this)  I have become a rabid hat wearer, especially in the summer.  I know I should not be in the sun, it's bad for the face, etc (skin cancer)...but truth be told, the sun glare really bothers me.  Whenever I am standing in the sun, I go for shade or grab a nearby hat.  Yes, I've got them in the car...all of them.

So when I was strolling through Nantucket, I spied a snug little alleyway leading to the Peter Beaton Hat Studio.  This is it...this the one that I will buy next.  I know it because, I left Nantucket without it, and I am still yearning.

You know what?  If we cannot wear a hat proudly and comfortably at this age, then exactly when?

This hat is an investment.  Around $200.  I like investment dressing, don't you?

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