Monday, August 8, 2016


Since I will be working a bit later tonight, my lovely company has suggested that, since I have moved to Ipswich, I take an Uber's so funny.  Now rather than say take a taxi, Uber has become a noun...take an Uber.

So I am on the fence about it.  I know people who use Uber all the time...I mean ALL. THE. TIME.  When they go out to have a splash or two..Uber.  My son Ubers when he goes out on weekends.  Let's face it.  It's safer.  But, the one time we took an Uber to the train station, I wasn't happy, mainly because the driver did not seem to know the route.  (Which was very simple using major thoroughfares).

So I just looked at my phones Uber app, and it has 3 choices. Uber, Uber Taxi and Uber Black.  Think I will stick with a taxi tonight...maybe it is just a habit.


Update:  Taxi charged me $250 and used my GPS and the car was well, shall we say, fragrant.  This morning I was debating whether I would just take the train the next time this happened and one of my colleagues suggested I call her car service.  $130 for a limo...Limo Express/Topsfield.

207 Washington Street
MA 01983-2008
Phone: (978) 887-2693/877-922-2200

I took her up on it, and it was heaven.  Brand new car, clean driver, no chatting, directly to my  house..heaven!!

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