Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Millennial Thanksgiving

I have been polling my millennial coworkers about their plans for Thanksgiving.  Watcha doin' for the holiday dinner?  Some answers:

1.  Going to Mom's
2.  Going to Mom's
3. Just bought a row house in DC and having a bunch of people.  Hosts are not cooking.  Told everyone else to figure it out.  (I happen to love this reply although I could never follow through)
4.  Going to Mom's
5.  My bachelor son - no idea, probably have dinner at his buddies house.  (Really, make a plan?)
6.  Going to Mom's
7.  Ordering everything cooked - post millennial.
8.  Baby Boomer - going to NYC with wife and millennial daughter
9.  Going to Cabo.  Don't do Mom's anymore.
10.  and trending is.....going to Mom's/family!

And then there is always this.

Save it for Facebook Aunt Martha!

Meme Credit:  @mytherapistsays Instagram

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