Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Travel Stuff-Special Places I have loved

When I travel, I tend to stay far away from tours. For the most part my husband and I either rent a car, or do some plane/train travel. I guess I learned that from the old days. Now that we are eek, so up there in years, I may consider a tour for a couple of days, in addition to our solo trips. I feel like we have probably missed so much by not doing tours, but I guess one can't have it both ways. Anyway, I was asked recently about my all time favorite Bed and Breakfasts. (one hotel)  Here is a list of what I consider tops! As you can see, they are few and far between...the in between ones I will not be mentioning here. My view of travel is to go like a local.  That fits.  I am also not someone who says, well, we won't be in the room that much.  No!  Yes I will be enjoying the accommodations to the fullest.

Tuscany, Italy! Borgo Argenina


Venice, Italy! Locanda Orseolo


Provence, Aix, France! Le Clos des Frères Gris


Provence, France! Le Mas Perreal


Pitlochry, Scotland! Port Na Craig


Ireland! Ballymaloe Cookery


Amalfi Coast, Italy! Villa Frantoio Praiano


Vienna! Speiss and Speiss


Quebec, Canada! Chateau Frontenac

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