Wednesday, November 16, 2016


These days weddings are such personal affairs.  Since I work with women who are getting married, just a bit older, and having babies, I get to experience the day through them.  They differ so much.  I don't think I know of one who has had a traditional, high mass (or whatever religion) wedding with traditional flowers, traditional everything!

For the most part, these women tell their attendants, let's pick out a color and you choose the dress that flatters you most.  Or just please get a gray something or other...Truly this is a quote. (see below)   I love that they are so creative and penny pinching.  Each and every one of them know where every penny is going.  So different from the olden days.  Oh, and most of them do their own hair and makeup.  Major!  I think we want to look like ourselves,  not someone else.  Or, and this is big, if we are on a hot beach, men, don't wear a tie!  Or, instead of attendants' flowers, they fly in a fabulous photographer.  Or, they have drones!

  Certainly not that the todays' weddings are any easier to plan.  Actually I think they might be a bit harder in detail.  And the couple is in on every detail, not the parents.  And, lots of these couples are paying for the wedding,  not the parents.  So they want it THEIR way.

Touche ladies!


  1. I think having my bridesmaids pick their own dresses was the best thing I ever did!! So easy on them and me. It sounded scary but it really turned out great in the pics because everyone felt great in what they were wearing! :) I wish i wouldve done my own makeup bc mine was a little much hahaha.

  2. I was looking for a pic of you to post can you send me one with all the wedding party you mind if I do?

  3. I did spend a decent amount of time in planning the little details of my wedding, so I agree that not having to worry about what the bridesmaids should wear was amazing, especially with everyone having a different budget and style.