Friday, January 20, 2017

Hairstory Shampoo

Having lived in So. Florida for six years during the 80's, I still see my old friend and hairdresser from that time. Just having visited my son who lives there, I made an appointment with her. It's always nice to have a fresh eye on the hairdo, and she never disappoints. I have been coloring my own hair for years now. Who can afford to go every 2-3 weeks to have hair color? After she did a color correction on my head (uniting all colors), she introduced me to a new product called Hairstory shampoo. Created by the Bumble and Bumble founder, it contains NO DETERGENT. With this hair cleaner, you will not need conditioner or any other added products.

So far, I love it. Stay tuned...I will do an update in one month.
" is a new way to see hair. New Wash is a new way to clean hair."

and PS!  I am thrilled to have the color correction.  If I am not too thrifty I will try to do this at least once per year.

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