Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shoes!! Not for Baby Boomers

 Still nursing my knee, I am browsing Talbot's sale site. I always love to see their shoes at this time of year, because they are soooooo reasonable...and I like their shoes...Not much else in the store, but their shoes are casual and comfortable. Now that I am 68, I am ricketier than before. Even more so. So as I peruse, I check off the ones that I will never wear again..Here are a few:

The only place I will wear any kind of flip flop with be out of the pedicure salon or into rocky water..period.  The others, tripping, falling, sliding out of...Not that I am going to go all Birkenstock now, but I choose my poisons with a bit more thought now, after paying a heavy price.  Not only do the blue slingback shoes look messy (hey our heels are older now) but I seem to fall out of them.  Same with the turquoise D' the look, but again, I fall out of them.

The gladiators?  Well I wore them on the cobblestone streets of Rome and almost killed myself.  Enough said for that style.

Of course I have fallen in so called stable shoes, but why risk it with these styles?  Not very stylish if you are in a cast.  (Now I sound like my mother)

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