Sunday, February 12, 2017

H&M Home for Mid Winter Blues

Was just reading a story about what different stylists would buy from Target if the had $100 to spend.  Here is my choice from H&M Home.  Personally, I think Target is pretty expensive for what you get..

First I went to the H&M site and looked for a lamp..possibly marble with brass...well, lo and behold, I should know this, they don't offer lamps.  So onward.  Target for that.

Seeing that it is still winter.  Hey, we're in the middle of a snowstorm in the NE here.  I am not saying no to  the winter items..if you can enter the store you will find most on sale.  Be sure and check your location to make sure that this particular H&M location carries 'Home'.

Every home needs freshening after the holidays, and mine is no exception.  Out to the old pillow covers, etc. and on to the new..At these prices, truly who can resist?

PS Throw out too please....I'm looking at me!

Because I cannot figure out how to lay the prices they are

Palm Tree Candlestick - $12.99
Linen w/ Raw Edges Pillow Cover - $12.99
Zig Zag Runner - tell me you have not seen this?  $29.99
Papaya Leaf Pillow Cover - $12.99
Monkey Candlestick - $17.99
Atomizer - $12.99  Old is new again
Red Knit Pillow Cover - $9.99 on sale

On the pillow prices, have you priced pillow covers lately? I went into West Elm up to counter, hi, how much?  Don't ask.....that is why I love H&M, not to worry, who cares, they are fresh and new, and it they get messy, oh well.

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