Sunday, February 12, 2017

Time for Winter Cleanout

Today is a rather dreary day, to say the I am not out spending. I am in, gathering.  All the stuff that I don't wear anymore, that I wore once and hated, the bad purchases, are being gathered up in one big bag.  I was thinking of parceling some of the things, then took a good look and see that they are definitely not sparkling shape.  JCrew wool crewnecks that I never liked on me, are going..closer look they have pilling on them.

So anyway, instead of dragging to the local consignment shop, I will send the pile to ThredUp.  And no, they don't take everything, but it's out of my way.

I ask myself, when I need to go to an event (not that often) why do I think I need to go by a rule..Weddings, no black, etc.  At this point in my life I know I can gather up an outfit out of my trove rather than go to Neiman's and buy a dress.

As in this Sonia Rykiel black tuxedo jacket that I picked up for a song at the end of the season, yes, at a consignment shop.  Pair it with a pair of flowing light colored pants/jewels/GREAT shoes and voila!  Got it.

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