Sunday, March 19, 2017

Being of a Certain Age A Baby Boomer Age and Lands' End Swimwear

I can of course,  no longer have the go to bikini in the closet ready to pack up and wear at the beach.  So!  For years I have turned to the Lands' End catalog for some ideas.  Furthermore, the sun!  Dear Lord, I used to love baking in the sun so.  But now, the mind (and body) love it, but the skin does not.  Being Irish/German, the sun has now become Enemy #1.  Yet, I still soldier forth to the seashore.  And this week I am heading to the sunny Florida beaches.  BTW, these Lands' End tunics and swim shirts are sun safe AND swimmable.  Packing:

Lands' End Swimwear Rashguard
And of course DON"T FORGET THE HAT! A big one!

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