Monday, March 13, 2017

Floor Plant Housing

Floor plants are such a refreshing breath when you are updating your space.  You can now get all sorts of architectural plants such as the fiddle fig at stores such as Home Depot.  Keep your eyes peeled because they go fast.
Another plant that's always good for indoors is the very basic potted palm.  If by the end of the winter, it seems like maybe you'd like to toss it, just stick it outside in a shady spot and don't even look at will heal itself.

The point of this blog today is once these plants are in place, what can you display them in?  Certainly not the pot they came in.  I have always just put them into a large basket...I am really done with that look so I have been hunting all over the internet, estate sales and retail, and yes Ikea, for decent pots.  The only, and I mean only place I finally found them was at Winston Flowers in Boston.  Really, this is pathetic...I wish I could tell you otherwise, but feel free to chime in if you have found them elsewhere...sizes 13"X10"..!  This size is $ hurts me to have paid that, but yet, I did. (When the saleswoman was guiding me she said and if you'd like another level, we have these here that start at $ thank you!!)  Alas, they give a united and clean look within my home.  Just drop the whole plant with the nursery container into the beautiful pot and voila! (I happen to like white)

I think the point of this entry is to shop local.  Keep your eyes open.

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