Thursday, April 18, 2019

Finally! Sheets That Fit!

Don't know about you, but my mattress is deep (and uncomfortable), but that aside, I can never get the bottom sheet to be generous enough.  A few years ago I got Marriott sheets and they were pretty expensive.  They wore out.

So now on the hunt again and I am checking depth of bottom sheet like a crazy person.  Thought I NEEDED to get Fieldcrest sheets which were $79.00 at Target.  With one last gasp I went to our local TJX and scoured my brains out...looking for deep, deep numbers.  Found!!  Italian brand for $49.00 which is a $30.00 savings.  When I brought them home I was ready to turn around to do an exchange, but nope they fit, and not only do they fit, they fit really, really generously!  So possibly when they are laundered, they will still fit loosely!! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Decor Tips From Someone Who has No Training

Having never had any schooling (other than two Harvard Continuing Ed classes in Cambridge) in the 80's here are my tips!

A Big NO!!

  • Fake plants
  • Furniture Sets
  • Too High Hung Art - eye level I learned that at Vogue
  • Too Much TJX or Homegoods - get some thrift stuff, though I do love these stores...
  • Get rid of everything from MOM!  It's done.
  • Dressers - nope.. sell them
  • Careful about lighting - lamps are tricky.  They're hard to get right.....(Call me?)
  • Books - for me a big fat 'no'.  Now I go to the Library or get the audibles (for free) from the Library 

A Big YES!

  • Mix Styles
  • Mirrors, big and plentiful I love one big one for every room....Glitter!! Again, Estate Sales only!
  • Live plant in each room (or ONE type of flower in a vase)  en masse.
  • Black something in each room - a small pillow, etc. It grounds the room.
  • Pairs of lamps, pairs in general - L O V E
  • Big beautiful bedding!!
  • Parsons Tables - another lesson from Vogue - still and always will be in style
  • Oriental rugs, the real lived in Ralph Lauren Ivy League look
  • Layer Rugs - although I would fall!!
  • From Mad About The House Blog
  • Coffee Table Books ONLY BOUGHT at Estate Sales, when you're done resell.....

  • Floors - when the floor is hopeless, paint it!!! Especially if it is parquet.  Trust me on this, I've seen it.
  • ONE HIGH PIECE IN EACH ROOM.  This anchors the room.  Some sort of a cabinet.
  • I happen to love pillows for each season.  H&M is my go to for these pillow covers.....practically free!  Each season re cover your pillows.  Then again you can pay $75 (like I did) each for custom nope.

At the end of the day, don't let a 'decorator' dictate YOUR home. If you care. Well, then again if you have no clue, have should be your history.  Not stuff from the store like TJX (although I do love some of their things)....but recently I have been walking in and out a ton.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Tips for Baby Boomer Makeup

Every so often, especially during the cold weather, I think about my makeup and what I should be doing.  Since I just turned 70, some things in my routine have definitely taken front and center..

With a light hand, here are some of my tips!  If you feel that you applied too heavily, have a q tip available.

  • Black Mascara - tho I don't curl first (which I believe I should)
  • Cream Blush - powder sits in crevices aka wrinkles
  • Cream (of course) corrector...if it's a big deal occasion, dab with powder just in that spot.
  • Face - Right now I am using primer and tinted sun screen by Laura Mercier.  I definitely notice a difference when I wear it...but I save it for occasions only.
  • Lipstick - whatever suits you, but please wear it.  At night I apply balm, not under the lipstick in the morning.  When it's applied under lipstick, it does not stay on.  (for me anyway)  I do not use a lip liner (like I did in the old days), but I do use a brush in the morning, to give a softer line.
  • Lids - colorless primer and (I know) powder shadow.  When you apply primer then shadow, it turns creamy.  Love it!  See below.
The one thing that I recently have been doing is using a Urban Decay, $13, colorless primer on my lids.  Of course, at 70 they are dry....really dry.  Which means shadow and liner does not slide on any more.  Changed my  life!!!!  Use my Chanel pencil eyeliner and Sephora powder shadow..Magic!!!

And of course, please ladies, at night do the whole cleansing/serum/cream routine.  Truth be told sometimes I can't be bothered, but I know I should!

I wasn't too sure about the Urban Decay  primer, so I got a travel size.  I'm SOLD!!

Finally, I know the pro's say that cheap color is equal to fancy.  I have seen makeup artists do a fabulous job with the cheap stuff..(on me)  But!  I still think the good stuff has deeper color and lasts a whole lot longer.  Like years!!  Will you be keeping that drug store item for years?  Decide for yourself.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Airbnb Ratings Pay them no mind!

So having just been in Florida for one week, we got an airbnb to stay.  Let me just say that it was just about livable, but certainly not up to the 5* Superhost standard that I THOUGHT was a standard.  I left a 2.5* reviews saying maybe it is just me but really................?  No!  Not only did I tell the host, um excuse me, but shower is like rain/where is the hairdryer/kitchen is a joke/$5 parking/dirty in general...ok I will relent.  Plumber is on the way.   $1200 later, I am in shock.  Shockingly, I left that review but he in turn left us a good review...'recommended to every host!'  What?  The place was a dump, I was at least expecting him to retaliate.  Nope, I don't think he even reads them, just churns his place.

Long story short, we have stayed in ABNB's a total of three times...two were terrible and one was fabulous.  How are we, the public, supposed to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the terrible.  Well, it is certainly not from ABNB's reviewing system. 

Next time, hotel!!  At the very least they come in and make your bed each day.